Chains and Unity Character Joints Pt. 1

Welcome to my second tutorial. Today i will be covering how to create chains in Unity which will be powered by the built in character joint. Unfortunately there is more information on this topic than i first thought so ill have to split it up into two parts. The project files for this tutorial can be found here:

To start off, i will explain some of the properties of the joint so that you can better understand how to configure it for your own purposes in the future.

Character Joint

The character joint is the perfect joint type for ropes, rag-dolls and chains which is what i will be covering today as it basically functions as a ball joint connection. The joint physics in Unity are pretty amazing but using them for the first time can be very confusing, and unfortunately the documentation is a bit too short and sweet to be able to grasp all of the concepts without playing around.

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Chains and Unity Character Joints Pt. 1

Position Based Gradient Shader

The first post to this blog and a free easy to understand shader.

For my annual local game jam PegJam2017, I decided to create a game inspired by Monument Valley. I was particularly inspired by the following level and I wanted to attempt to recreate some of the atmosphere in my jam game. The jam game “Isolation” can be found here.

The simplest way to achieve the effect of the geometry fading away into fog / background is with a shader which i will share in full at the end. What I wanted my shader to do was fade the vertices of the geometry to a new color based on its distance to the y position of 0.

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Position Based Gradient Shader